Pool Time

December 24, 2009

Bit the bullet and pony’d the cash for a total pool remodel. So far so good. Marerials all look great, and the crew is moving very fast.

Home ownership…

December 8, 2009

After all the ordeals of selling and buying have past, we have finally started to settle into the new pad.  A very cool mid-80’s custom home with tons of character. Character is defined here as; every single room needs some level of updating.  And the next person that says “well that is great, it lets you put your mark on it”… is going to swallow a pile of teeth.  One element that this place brought with it is a pool.

Pool ownership has been an interesting adventure. An adventure fraught with tree leaf battles, salt bag hauling, swimming lizard rescues, and magic disappearing water. Yes, it would seem to have sprung a leak.  This unforeseen issue has bumped the pool remodel up on our fix list for the new/old home. 

Now that the estimates are rolling in, it seems that the pool has now sidelined at least three projects.  I never would have thought that a pool remodel would cost almost as much as dropping a new cement pond in… I am not looking to recreate the set from the blue lagoon either, just a basic face lift to the pool that the mid 80’s left in my backyard.

Pool dude two and three set to come this week…


April 24, 2009

I dont seem to have enough of it. I have found the grind of a never ending uphill battle really can take a toll on a guy. Hopefully there is a light at the end of this tunnel (that is not straped to a bullettrain)


April 5, 2009

I really never saw my self as an iPhone user… What can I say. Overall, I am pretty impressed. Typing still seems to be the biggest hurdle.

Peter and Vandy – Dude approved love story

March 30, 2009

I took this flick in at AFI this last weekend.  AFI Dallas International Film Festival brought a lot to the table this year, and I wish I could have made it out to more films… but work sucks my sole and energy these days.

I highly recommend you see this movie with your significant other.  It will either confirm you are meant to be together or send you running the opposite direction.

Director Jay DiPietro did a great job stinging us thru time as these total strangers move towards the acceptance of mans inability to truly change.  External shells can only protect us from the outside, but leave us trapped with the one we need the most protection from ourselves. 

We watch as time takes two bickering Manhattan individuals become and couple and then shows us how they became that way.

The film goes back and forth in time, exploring how a young couple in love became two people who can barely stand each other… then by accepting themselves fall back into one another.

Jason Ritter, and Jess Weixler were amazing on screen, their chemistry really brought a layer of realism to the film.

CAST: Jason Ritter, Jess Weixler, Jesse L. Martin, Tracie Thoms

Peter and Vandy: USA 2008, 85 min., Color, 35mm

How to escape a hornets nest

March 28, 2009

I have been on mental vacation for a while.  So in an attempt to bring everyONE back up to speed, here is the synopsis of events:

12 years at Big Company > Develop unhealthy levels of hatred for Big Company > Get great opportunity to leave Big Company > Take offer > Get use to being happy at work > New company buys Big Company > Have to move back into the old Big Company building > Unhealthy levels of hate comes back ten fold

That puts me where I am now.  I am smack dab in the middle of a large click of women who seem hell bent on destroying me mentally.

Here is the list of characters:

Godzilla the pill popper (Godzilla): this is a trailer dweller that seems to be on the mailing list for every pill on the planet to lose weight, yet she is still the size of a house

Jaba the Hut (Jaba): this one is the hardest on the eyes, she has what looks like and innertube for a neck and is about four feet tall

The Evil Two Face (2Face):  this is the leader, she is bipolar and both sides seem to be clinically depressed.  She rules the roost and is the band leader for this group of twits.

Now that we know the players lets start the game…


October 10, 2008

Not much to say on the topic other than I don’t seem to have any of it left.  If there is one thing I want to instill in my child is not to make promises you have no intention of keeping.

When life gives you lemons; make lemonade… I think this is just a tad outdated.  I think that if life gives you lemons, eat them and never forget the taste, or the person that handed them to you.

End of an era

August 13, 2008

In a stunning turn of events, Darth is gone.  Packed up and moved.  We all are feeling a sense of loss… Not!

The fog of stink has lifted.

Dark Side

July 29, 2008

3rd grade art class – a playdoh starter followed by a chalk board aftertaste.

On that topic.  There was the BK bag incident.  About mid week (after being stood up like an ugly prom date…sparky I am talking about you.) I found myself at BK.  After eating said “food”, I tossed my empty bag into Darth’s trash bin.

Now this was in no means done out of spite… more for sport.  It was an empty bag and her trash is just at the right distance to make it interesting.

Fast forward to the next day.  Darth shoots out of her chair with BK bag in hand and asks if I put that there… I say no.  And she tosses it into the cubeway, where it sits for the rest of the day.

I don’t know what kind of person it takes to inventory one’s own trash can for contents… but I think I have found a new frontier of annoyance.

Smell-o-Vision 3000

July 22, 2008

Time for an update on the Light Nazi. 

The chemical warfare continues… we are now holding a contest to name the stink she brings on a daily basis.  See it is different everyday.

Today’s smell winner: Baby Butt Hazelnut Rose – a fine baby powder starter with a finish of burnt hazelnut and a wonderful rose aftertaste.

Oh and she is now wearing a wig (if you can call it that) that resembles Darth Vader’s helmet… we are considering a name change.